How to consume collagen

We find the most versatile way to consume collagen is in a powder form.

Marine collagen powder allows you to accurately measure the dosage that is right for you, allowing you to decrease your daily dose as you start to see long term benefits taking effect.

Simply Collagen is more easily dissolvable in hot drinks, but can also be added to smoothies before it goes in the blender. Personally, we have our daily collagen in our morning coffee while our children add theirs to oats, smoothies or yoghurt.

Approximately 1-2% of our customers find they notice the marine odour from the collagen, so we advise them to divide their daily dose into two separate servings if they have particularly sensitive taste buds. 

We love to bake in our household and are always experimenting with new ways to add collagen to our favourite recipess. You can find a selection of these below!

Choc chip collagen cookies