Keto and collagen

Keto and collagenThe keto diet has earned itself plenty of supporters in recent years, with the high-fat, low-carb diet promising numerous benefits and followers.

Keto dieters everywhere are taking collagen to help increase their energy levels and aid in their diet success.  Simply Collagen is a pure protein source (no carbs, sugar or fat). 
Collagen peptides are dietary supplements containing water-soluble and easily digestible types of collagen.  Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our body, making up much of your skin, bones, and muscles.  Simply Collagen  can help boost your energy while you are cutting out carbs, making your keto journey easier, allowing you to feel fuller for longer and supplying you with more energy for your early morning workout.


Simply Collagen is sourced from wild fish caught in France with full traceability. 

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