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About Simply Collagen

Who we are

As a family we stumbled upon collagen by chance and have never looked back.  I started to take collagen as a friend was "glowing", she looked amazing and collagen was the secret.   Within the first few weeks of taking collagen I started to see real positive changes in not only my skin but nails and hair too.  I was hooked! 

My husband who suffers from joint pain, leaky gut and very dry skin thought he would give it a try too, within the first month he noticed a remarkable difference in his skin texture and overall wellbeing.

Since we were both loving the results of collagen, we thought our daughter might benefit too.  She suffers terribly from eczema and we have tried almost everything to stop the itch.  Collagen moisturisers from the inside out. Our daughters skin has become softer and scarring reduced.

 We decided to share our knowledge and love of collagen through Simply Collagen, bringing you the benefits of our research and quality products. 

We hope you love Simply Collagen as much as we do!