Collagen and Eczema

Our daughter has suffered eczema since birth, as well as severe allergies.  We have tried every cream and diet possible, with little luck.

My husband and I had started our own collagen journey and were loving the results, with more research we started to wonder if this would also help our 10 year old daughter with her skin. She has had very pleasing results and she too, now is an advocate for Simply Collagen PURE.  She asks every morning if it has been added to her smoothie or yoghurt.

While it is no miracle cure it definitely helps with overall hydration, texture of skin and healing.  No longer does she have major breakouts and she is happy to show her skin to the world, where before she was always trying to cover up.  

Collagen is a major element in the healing process, reducing inflammation,  helping create new skin and supporting  skin to heal faster.

When collagen is produced, skin begins to join the eczema wound together resulting in new capillaries and fresh new skin.

Rest assured that we have sourced the best marine collagen from France, free for nasties that we feel safe to give to our own daughter.

If you  or your family suffer from eczema, Simply Collagen PURE is worth the investment.  

Please consult with your physician before giving to children.