Collagen for men

While women have know the benefits of collagen for years, collagen is vital for men too.  

1. Joint Pain (morning stiffness)

While you might not be feeling your joints as yet, the years of cross fit, running and biking will start to catch up with your joints.  Your joints rely on the cartilage to stop bone rubbing on bone.  Taking Simply Collagen is a key factor in building, repairing and maintaining the cartilage in our joints. Simply Collagen can also be taken as a preventative measure.

2. Support Gut Health

Have you suffered from low energy, weight gain or irritability this may be caused by leaky gut.  Taking Simply Collagen may aid in healing your gut lining and digestive issues.

3. Promotes Hair Growth

Hair loss can effect confidence and self esteem. So you will be glad to know that Simply Collagen can help support hair growth.  Collagen is key component of healthy hair, nails and skin.  Can you afford not to take Simply Collagen! 

4. Increase Energy Levels and Boost Metabolism

Collagen helps improve muscle mass, which then helps boost your metabolism. Glycine (primary amino acid in collagen) is fundamental in building lean muscle mass, boosting mental performance while also increasing energy levels.