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Collagen eyelashes growth

With short stumpy eyelashes I was always on the hunt for something to make them fuller, longer and healthier.  I have tried almost every lotion and potion on the market with little success.  Even having my eyelashes permed never gave me the lashes I desired.

Enter Simply Collagen and today my lashes are longer, thicker and generally healthier.  See collagen not only works with your hair but lashes and brows too!  

Now it is important to remember that no amount of collagen will increase the amount of lashes, but you can improve the eyelash condition resulting in fuller and longer lashes.

Remember to be gentle with your eyelashes, trying not to rub them and gently remove mascara every night.  Stay away from extensions (where possible) and with the help of Simply Collagen your lashes will flourish.  To see the complete benefits try Simply Collagen for at least 3 months.

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  • How many capsuales or tablets do you need each day. And how many are there in a bag.

    Michelle O'Garra

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