Feijoa and collagen smoothie

Feijoa collagen smoothie

While these babies are in season, we try to get our fix - they are full on goodness including Vitamin C which can assist in supporting collagen absorption.  This recipe is adapted from the wonderful Nadia Lim and our girls love it. 

Ingredients (makes 2)

Banana 1
Feijoas 4, peeled and chopped
Spinach leaves 6
Ice cubes 4
3 tsp Simply Collagen PURE
Milk ½ cup

1. Place banana, feijoas, spinach leaves and ice cubes into a blender and whizz until smooshy.
2. Add Simply Collagen PURE and milk and whizz until creamy. 
3. Pour into glasses.

Top with a sprinkle of muesli or granola for a breakfast treat.

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