Better brows with collagen

Eyebrow growth with collagen

Thin over plucked eyebrows are a thing of the past and beautiful full natural brows are now on trend. People may end up with thin eyebrows due to ageing, nutritional deficiencies, medical conditions (alopecia or eczema), and medical treatments such as (radiotherapy and chemotherapy). But we don't have to live with thin sparse eyebrows, so put down your tweezers and say hello to fuller beautiful brows.

While you could resort to brow powder and brow pencils to shape and fill the holes where your brows have been over plucked  (while this is a great temporary solution) supplementing your diet with Simply Collagen PURE will help to solve this issue once and for all.  It is time to say goodbye to thin weak brows!

Collagen not only helps with skin, hair and nails but eyebrows and eyelashes too. Taking Simply Collagen PURE daily can help restore your over plucked eyebrows and encourage your eyebrows to grow faster, longer, thicker and stronger.  

As well as taking Simply Collagen remember to exfoliate gently around the eye area as this will improve blood circulation and therefore growth. Try to avoid stress and get enough quality sleep (Simply Collagen can help with sleep too).  Drinking enough water will also help stimulate hair growth and moisture levels.  Lastly avoid rubbing your eyebrows too vigorously.

P.S. Remember that our eyebrows frame our face, so put down those tweezers and visit a professional.

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